All our guitars feature the exquisite sounding Bare Knuckle Pickups, highly regarded as one
of the best hand wound pickups manufactured here in the UK. Their humbucker range
offers us great versatility and scope to match the character of our exotic tone woods. The
Pickups below are our recommendations for the specific models.

For Vintage Output –
Bare Knuckle’s The Mule

Classic ‘PAF’ vintage tone, a balanced and well rounded tone with more than enough power for almost any application. A great warmth, depth and an articulate sound these are perfect for a Maple Capped GT.

“The Mule humbuckers are built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late ’59 PAFs with a differing number of turns of vintage correct 42 AWG plain enamel wire on each coil. This results in outstanding clarity and extended dynamic range. Even at low levels of gain, smooth harmonic feedback, full of overtones is possible, while clean sounds have depth and unmistakable vintage character.”

Bridge Output = 8.4k – Neck Output = 7.3k

For Vintage Hot Output –
Bare Knuckle’s Black Dog

An aggressive, throaty humbucker with deep bottom-end, muscular mids, smooth highs and more output than a vintage PAF. Without any switching available and just the volume & tone the Black Dog is so versatile and will cover a lot of ground, for the quilt maple, cocobolo & ebony caps you’d be hard pushed to get better in the GTA.

The Black Dog humbucker is designed for players that need a vintage voiced pickup with extra weight in the mid range. A stronger, richer mid and extended bass response lends itself to hot blues and hard rock tones without compromising clarity. Clean tones have depth and a full bodied ring to each string with excellent note separation in chords.

Bridge Output = 9.4k – Neck Output = 7.7k

For High Output –
Bare Knuckle’s Nailbomb

A very versatile and great sounding set of humbuckers, clean they offer a fantastic tonal range and when overdriven are very focused. The pickups offer a great bass and mid response making this option in any GT model a very contemporary & versatile way to go.

The Alnico V magnet offers up a huge, deep bottom end with rich, throaty mid range and warm highs. The Nailbomb neck humbucker has a woody and bright character when used clean; add overdrive and the tone tightens up for a focused attack.

Bridge Output = 15.7k – Neck Output = 9.8k

The Selector Switches
The GT models come with either a 3 way
selector or a 5 way rotary.
The 3 way being the standard on the GT,
the 5 way being the standard on the GTS
& GTO. 5 x 2mm Mother of Pearl dots are
inlaid into the Cap to show the intervals
between selections.. Both pots split
the humbuckers across the range, the
volume pot splitting the neck and the
tone pot splitting the bridge pickup.
3 way selections gives 8 options:-

Neck split
Neck & Bridge
Neck split & Bridge
Neck with Bridge split
Neck split & Bridge split
Bridge split

The 5 Way rotary gives 13 options
(Position 1-5):-

Bridge Humbucker
Bridge split (off Tone Push-Push)
Bridge Slug & Neck Screw (Jazz Tone)
Neck & Bridge
Neck split & Bridge
Neck with Bridge split
Neck split & Bridge split
Neck & Bridge out of phase
Neck split & Bridge out of phase
Neck & Bridge split out of phase
Neck with Bridge split out of phase
Neck split
Neck Humbucker

Jensen Capcacitors
The Jensen BKP 0.022μfd capacitor are
the standard capacitor on all our models,
tried and tested we feel these are the
best caps for our guitars. Offering a great
range of tone.
The Jensen BKP 0.022μfd capacitor are
For over 60 years Jensen have been
making hi-end capacitors. Today, they
are made using a special purified
mineral oil and the unique production
process ensures not only a high
quality capacitor but a long lasting
one. Furthermore, Jensen have their
own soldering process which provides
minimum inductance and excellent
internal electrical connection.
“C” neck shape.

Our neck profiles have 3 specific thicknesses, thin, medium & heavy.

Thin starts at 20mm at the 1st fret to 23mm at the 15th

Medium starts at 21mm at the 1st fret to 24 at the 15th

Thick starts at 22mm at the 1st fret to 25 at the 15th

Ordering you guitar
If the model you would like is not in
stock then you can place an order with
us by either phoning or emailing info@
Current turnaround time for all models is
6-8 weeks.
A 50% Deposit is required to place the
order paid either by BACS or Int’l Bank
Transfer, the deposit can be paid for
via a credit/debit card using PayPal all
balances must be paid for by BACS or
Int’l Bank Transfer upon completion.
Our guitars are all setup prior to
shipping and are setup to specific
measurements that ensure the guitar
plays well, resonates and has a great feel
through a combination of the neck relief
and action height. The pickup heights
are also set to ensure great dynamics
across the entire pickup range.
Neck Relief
0.007” measured at the 7th Fret


Action Height
3/32” Bass – 2/32” Treble measured at the
12th Fret (top of fret to centre of the E


Action Height Nut to 1st Fret
0.018” – 0.016” Bass to Treble
Pickup Height 4/32” Neck & 4/32”
measured with the string fretted at the
22nd fret, distance to the pole piece.

Our Hiscox cases are thermally protected and specifically designed to withstand the common shipping hazards of handling. The hard-cased guitar is also packed in our cardboard cartons which are designed to be shipped worlwide.

If you require a specific shipping service, please call +44 1435 205050 or email

Serial numbering

All our guitars come with a laser
engraved 18mm steel coin with
the serial number, year and model
identification. These coins are inset &
glued in the back of the headstock.

Certificate of Authentication

Each guitar also comes with a laminated
certificate of authenticity, showing
model identification, serial number as
well as date of completion.

All our models come with our own custom made Hiscox Case, which are manufactured
here in the UK. Renowned for being incredibly strong, these cases were the only choice
for our guitars.The main highlights of the Hiscox case

Electric guitars hand built in the United Kingdom