Our guitars are all setup prior to
shipping and are setup to specific
measurements that ensure the guitar
plays well, resonates and has a great feel
through a combination of the neck relief
and action height.

The pickup heights
are also set to ensure great dynamics
across the entire pickup range.

Neck Relief
0.007” measured at the 7th Fret


Action Height
3/32” Bass – 2/32” Treble measured at the
12th Fret (top of fret to centre of the E


Action Height Nut to 1st Fret
0.018” – 0.016” Bass to Treble
Pickup Height 4/32” Neck & 4/32”
measured with the string fretted at the
22nd fret, distance to the pole piece.

Serial Numbering & Certificate of Authenticity

Serial numbering

All our guitars come with a laser engraved 18mm steel coin with the serial number, year and model identification. These coins are inset & glued in the back of the headstock.

Certificate of Authentication

Each guitar comes with a 8 Page certificate of authenticity booklet, showing model identification, serial number as well as date of completion.

JCG Hiscox Hardcase

All our models come with our own custom made Hiscox Case, which are manufactured here in the UK. Renowned for being incredibly strong, these cases were the only choice for our guitars.


We ship with UPS worldwide, fully insured & trackable.

For all UK services a UPS Standard service if free of charge. For all European & International shipments please contact us directly for a quote.

Any stock sale or commission sale you are welcome to collect your new guitar from the showroom.

Electric guitars hand built in the United Kingdom